Monday, December 05, 2016

NOISES -- Punchline

The concept of song was inspired by a line in  MI Abaga’s first track on the Illegal Music 3, “Local vs Punchline vs Imitation.
It’s about how imitation has really grown in
the industry.
Everybody want’s to sound like what’s trending just so as to be accepted and maybe make money but fail to pass a message and hence, lose their originality, all in the name of  trendy.
Now rappers believe they should rap in Yoruba just because Olamide and the likes are topping charts now, and not that these rappers imitating the chat toppers have a particular message they need to pass in the language so they loose their originality.
“Local” rappers are trending now, so everyone wants to infuse that style into their music.
NOISES is a call to order for artistes to be creative and not box themselves in. An advice on Originality over Imitation. (A message from PUNCHLINE, the master story Teller).


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